Nylon 6


Tried printing with Nylon6 today.

Set for Hips 0.19

Slight popping and spitting from the extruder, small gear print turned out fractured and lumpy.

Fell apart.

Is there a compatible material on Z200 list that will be good for nylon ?

Try it with z-abs profile, 20C hotter and/or smaller layer height (lower volume rate thru nozzle)

No Chunky ....... That did not work too well  :wacko:
Gear diameter = 50mm
thick = 12mm
Hips  0.19    dark blue  = good strong gear print.
Same gear >
Used Nylon6 on Z-abs 0.19  light blue = disaster.
Lot of hissing and crackling noises, like a log fire.
Maybe it needs a lower temperature setting.
Zortrax M200
Does Z-suite control the extruder temperature on the M200 for different filaments ?
Currently ....
What are the operating temperatures for these materials ?
Why don't the makers of these filaments put the printing temperature of the filament on the packaging ?
Can Z-Suite next update include a setting for Nylon filament ?   :D

2016 SEPT 2  GEAR PIX-4.jpg


z-abs profile is over the recommend temp for nylon6, but thought it would just thin it out but guess not :P

Julia has a table of current z-suite temperatures at http://www.z-temp.co/support/z-suite-nominal-profile.html

Can Z-Suite next update include a setting for Nylon filament ?   :D

Probably not, since they don't supply a nylon filament and their slicer is proprietary to their filaments.  There are other options though I don't think that we are allowed to discuss them here..

Many thanks to Chunky and Julia for your help.. :D

Looks like I will stay with Hips for a while longer, really good material for engineering type prints.

I thought that Nylon may be smoother for parts that run or slide together, like gears,

but it looks like it will become quite expensive adding extra equipment and parts to the M200

in the hope of improving the prints with another material.


Can Z-Suite next update include a setting for Nylon filament ?   :D

No until we release our own Nylon, ETA is unknown since tests are being made.