Objeckt dissolves in the front in the first third in the middle


I have a problem with my good M200. The problem is now already several times noticed and just again. Actually, it does not matter what I print, but this time it was a plate of 130x130x3mm. Everything looks good, except that my plate at the center in the middle. Not at the sides or back, but at the front in the first third. Also with other objects, which are not so large, this happens regularly. I use front and sidecover. When I print other objects in the middle and print everything is fine. Could that be at the room temperature of about 19 degrees? Or is the cover not 100% closing? Or is the heating bed broken? I am despairing. What use a 20x20cm heating bed if I can use only 15x15cm.

Any tip, is a good tip.

Thank you very much


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ich habe ein Problem mit meinem guten M200. Das Problem ist mir jetzt schon mehrfach aufgefallen und eben wieder. Eigentlich ist es egal was ich drucke, aber diesesmal war es eine Platte von 130x130x3mm. Alles sieht gut aus, außer das sich meine Platte vorne mittig löst. Nicht an den Seiten oder hinten, sondern vorne im ersten drittel. Auch bei anderen Objekten, die nicht so groß sind passiert das regelmässig. Ich benutze Front-und Sidecover. Wenn ich andere Objekte mittigdrucke und drucke ist alles gut. könnte das an der Raumtemperatur von ca 19 grad liegen? Oder entsteht durch die nicht 100% schließenden Abdeckung? Oder ist das Heizbett defekt? Ich bin am verzweifeln. Was nutzt mir ein 20x20cm großes Heizbett , wenn ich nur ca 15x15cm nutzen kann.  
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19C is too cold

Zortrax Official:

20C min

21C-23C "ideal" (M300 ideal when doing large prints)

28C max

I usually print with covers on in hotter room (~25-26C) OR, like many users, cover top of the machine.

Covers on sides of machine must completely close (otherwise will induce drafts)

Heater bed defect, it's possible but unlikely; you can check with thermometer.

Not sure which materials you're trying, but HIPS, PETG, ZGLASS are generally better choices for larger models

Bed must be level

Use as low infill as possible

Use high quality mode, to slow print down.

Fan = 0

Layer height = 0.19 or 0.29

Some people say support lite makes a difference, not sure on or off.

If it's starting to lift a corner, you can round the corner instead of hard corner and/or add "ears" at the corner

You can add a shell around the part (slows down print, thermal barrier). Some people put shells only at corners

...also latest z-suite appears to have issue with fan being on when it shouldn't, might want to try older version

I would love to see photo if thats possible, please ;) 


First many thanks ChunkyPastaSauce for the good answer!

At the corners I almost never problem, anyway thanks for the tips!

As I said, it loosens at the edges in the middle.

Bed is level



-Fan 0

-Films any

-Infill low

  • orginale sidecovers (closed)

  • Room temperature 19-20C

  • model is 15cmx15cmx3mm

Property yesterday again everything the same, except door open and ABS juice used. Then the front center was ok,

But at the back of the center it has been easily solved.

Today I test it again with door open and the sides with tape glued.

Still suspects the cooling by the non-concluding sidecovers cold air the heating bed.

If so, it would be a pity the sidecovers the print result worse. The cost so synonymous a little.

But why can this be solved at all in the middle? At the corners, I understand. What could be the reason for this? I would like to understand.

Unfortunately, I did not think of taking a picture. But I’ll think about it next time.

Many Thanks.