Odd print failure


My printer has stopped printing in the bottom right quarter of the plate. (looking from the door in).

I have changed the extruder motor, extruder pcb, hotend and nozzle all to no avail.

Any idea what I can do next!


Hi John,

How the printer behaves while printing in this specific corner? Does the extruder motor skip/stutter? There are two possibilities - either the platform is too close to the nozzle while printing in this specific area (but once the first layers are done the model itself should print properly), or the extruder cable is at fault and does not extrude the material in this corner at all.

Best regards,


Thanks for your thoughts.
It was the extruder cable and I have replaced it and all seems well at the moment.
John Greenwood


Hi John,

thank you for the update. I am glad to hear that a new cable resolved the issue you were facing.

Best regards,