Open-Source alternatives to Z-Suite + Inkspire

Is there any known working Open-Source alternative to Z-Suite?

What open formats does Inskpire accept?

Inkspire printer accept 2 formats: .zcodex(Z-Suite format) and .cws format. There are some amount of slicers that can generate .cws files, some of them free, some paid, but as far as i know none of them are open source. When you are using .cws files you lost some of features that Inkspire have, for example preview image of printing model, resin level control, or additional exposure of supports.

Releasing technical specification for ZCODEX format could boost support and feedback from the Open-Source community… also make it a “Device Of Choice” for the people that ONLY use Open-Source or put it first before any other solutions (like me). But I guess this is the task for vendor not the users :wink:

Quick glance at ZPROJX tells:

  • Zortrax is based on Microsoft stuff.
  • File seems to be a binary serialization or dictionary.
  • Some PKI involved for contents encryption or signature.

Sad to have quite a neat hardware that you cannot really enjoy because of crappy software :frowning:

Some Open-Source slicers: