OpenRC F1 Progress - M200 Z-HIPS .19mm

So far so good! Prints straight off the M200 bed:


Looks like I need to do a little axis maintenance. Machine has around 1600 hours on it… wonder if any parts in the xy assembly need to be replaced. Will plan to follow standard trouble shooting procedures.

This design is and is the OpenRC F1 project is by Daniel Noree. It can be found on thingiverse here. There have been multiple updates for parts across multiple sites over the years so I had to spend a few hours organizing all the versions to get the latest one I like best. Daniel’s site lists out the electronics to make it an fully built out RC car. Another great resource for RC builds is RC Printer.

If you do decide to build, consider contributing to Daniel’s Patreon here. He put a ton of work in!

Hi @triplepin,

wow, the model looks really amazing! :slight_smile:

Yes, the printer requires the maintenance. Please refer to the guide. I do not think that any of the parts in the XY assembly needs to be replaced - most likely either belts are too loose (remember to check both long and short ones), or the rails are dry (clean them with acetone/IPA and apply silicone oil). Check the pulleys etc. as indicated in the manual. You can refer to this troubleshooting one too - it shows how to check XY motors.

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@KarolinaZortrax thank you for the information! I actually realized upon further inspection that I am missing an axis block screw! Can you please let me know the thread pitch and length these screws are so I may buy a replacement?

Thanks again!

Hi @triplepin,

could you please provide a picture so I know what screw you are referring to? This one?

I believe it is a cup head screw M3x8mm, however, you could remove the screw from another axis block in order to confirm this.

Sorry, I should have clarified! It was one of the belt tensioning screws which is an M2. I had one on hand so belts are all tensioned up and prints have been coming out great! Thanks for your help.

Not a problem. I am glad to hear you had a spare screw you could use and the printer is up and running again after tensioning the belts :slight_smile: Thank you as well!