Optimus PETG/Carbon and PETG Kevlar

Searching for strength and light weight, those were the next filaments in the Zortrax.

Optimus PETG/Carbon( https://www.filament-abs.fr/produit/filaments-petg-carbone-au-metre/)

printed with the PETG settings, speed and extrusion -10%.  I would say those are not critical and also the normal settings would be fine, however this was a good starting point. Retract and retract speed should both be increased, I am now up to 1,7mm and 40 speed. Print temp 240°.

Surface is excellent, one of the best I have ever seen, pretty smooth, no layers visible. Density of the printed object was calculated with 1,06, which matches the advertized value 1,05.

I printed a float segment with 1 shell, and the layer bonding turned out to be much weaker than the Zortrax PETG.

So this filament should be great for volume models who need stiffness, a perfect surface, and light weight.

Next was PETG+Kevlar from https://www.atome3d.com/products/petg-kevlar-jaune-nanovia-1-75mm-500g

Same settings as above, only temp increased to 260°. Also a very fine surface, no layers, however just not as smooth as the Optimus PETG. The one shell float segment was not as stiff as with carbon. Weight is lower - 11,4 gramms compared to 12,8 gramms of the Optimus - and the kevlar seems to mesh better with the PETG, layer bonding is considerably better than with carbon.

Left kevlar, right carbon, which already has a crack by just bending it gently:


PETG Kevlar Kohle.jpg



Addendum: The same approach as with the Eumaker+Carbon was successful - reduced extruder flow, increased print speed. Basic is the PCABS setting, extruder - 50, print speed

+40. Temperatur 253°, fans off, layer 0,19.

Layer bonding is much better, the PETG+Carbon turns into a tough shell.

Also the Kevlar filament improves.

Recommended ;)



First of all, I would like to thank goldenage for sharing its parameters, so I tried to print with Formfutura Carbonfil.

These are my settings:

Printer speed: -5% (but I'll trying with -10%, sometimes extruder skip)

Flow ratio: -10%

Extuder temp: 260°

Platform temp: 55°

Retraction speed: 40mm/s

Distance: 1.7mm

With these settings I succesfully complete a small print.