Other vendors ABS in colors?

Now that Zortrax has discontinued many of the colors in my favorite filament (Ultrat), and greatly reduced the color selection in all their other filaments, including ABS, I’m looking for another vendor for ABS-like filaments in a good color assortment. Any recommendations, and settings to use? I really liked the ability to buy Ultrat in any color and just load it into the printer and print stuff, so I’d prefer a reliable vendor that doesn’t require requalifying with every color or lot. Is Matterhackers filament any good? They have a few different flavors of ABS, and I’d like to try one (but again, don’t want to qualify all three if someone has already done this.


I’m using ABS+ from AzureFilms and the prints are coming out very good! There are some settings that you need to do, but you can find them on the web, or you can just fiddle with them to best serve you as you need. Good luck!