Overhanging layers on filleted edge

Z-suite 0.0.9

Same model was fine in 0.0.8


Not sure how to fix issue..

.09 layer thickness

normal speed

80% fan

supper lite

medium infil

20% support

model requires no support though

https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ept405q9eiy05a/connector_rev_5.STL?dl=0    this is the stl

it *helped* when i made seam lines random but still some overhang

Have you printed it already, it seems like a graphic bug.

Yeah printed and evidently occurs in the actual model too :( no matter what model. i did a print for a friend with holes and the holes sagged to ovals because the support material isnt touching!!! what is going on!


Please contact with the support - http://zortrax.pl/support-form/ , attach an .stl, and .zcode files and the photos of your prints.