Overview materials & accessories

Hi everyone,

Is there by any chance someone who does have an overview (Table like) of what nozzle or build plate or hot end revision number is needed to use with a specific material ?

I know there are some changes since I have bought my printer.

Maybe Zortrax does have such info and wants to share this with us.

here : https://zortrax.com/materials/compare-materials/

To print using Z-GLASS / Z-PETG is required to have Hotend V2, thats it. Perforated plate V2 is not required but recommended. Nozzle has't changed since the beginning.

Hotend V2 has teflon tube inside and its shape has been changed slightly. 

Perforated Plate V2 is nearly twice thicker than V1 (V2 = ~3mm)

I can help you recognize your Hotend if you send me a photo of it :)