Part is missing if selecting Z-ASA PRO


When I select the material Z-ASA Pro in Z-Suite there are pieces missing from my drawing. When I select Z-ABS it doesn’t.

I just upgraded my software from version 2.14… to and the problem is the same.

Wich manual settings can I use to print Z-ASA Pro till this problem is solved please?


Best regards,
Stijn Van den Bossche


Dear Stijn,

Unfortunately, the only way to resolve the problem is to either redesign the model or increase the outer contours offset - however, the dimensions of the model will be affected.

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Dear Karolina,

Thank you for your fast answer.

I don’t understand why this happens with ASA and not with ABS?
For this case I may not change the dimensions. Can I use the external materialsettings so I can use ASA?

  • Extrusion temp?
  • Platform temp?
  • Retraction speed?
  • Retraction distance?

Thank you.

Dear Stijn,

You may try using ABS-based profile for ASA. The extrusion temperature is 254C, platform temp. - 90C. However, we do not provide information concerning retraction speed and distance.

Best regards,