Path/mesh(?) anomalies with netfabb stl file

I'm trying to print an stl file that had last gone through netfabb. When viewing/printing there are weird mesh/path anomalies that I just can't seem to eliminate. Does anyone have any idea how to fix them?

My client says it is acceptable to him but I would prefer to provide a clean print.

Can you post the file?

If not try random seam and see if that helps

Please see original post for the stl file.

Was that there before? lol I guess I am going blind. ha!

Try that. Most my flat surfaces are crisscrossed like that. I can't remember seeing a surface like the one you depicted.

I found the only way to make flat surfaces smooth is to turn on side but then the other side gets the crisscross type surface. lol


No...the stl file wasn't already there. I put it there as an edit. :rolleyes: ...Rotation did the trick, I stood it up on end. Thanks for the help.

Mesh repair may not be sufficient in every case - we recommend to re-design your models in CAD/modeling software just after finding out that model is corrupted after export to .stl format.

Sometimes helps if you convert STL to OBJ and import it to Z-Suite.