Pause in zcode2 doesn't work

Hello and good printings to all.

I’ve tried some times (Firmware 2.6.6 - 2.6.7 / Z-Suite 2.30 - 2.31) to put a pause inside the slicing/zcode2 file.
I went to the Z-Suite way, so in the Preview tab, after the slicing, I’ve insert a pause (INSERT button) and exported the zcode2 to the printer.
The pause never happened.

It is showed in the zcode2 file if I opened it with Z-Suite, but it didn’t happened while printing.
Any thoughts?

I never used the pause feat before Firmware ver. 2.6.6

Zortrax M200 Plus 2.6.7 Firmware - Z-Suite 2.31.0

Hello Gord,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are investigating this issue, it should be fixed in the new release.

For now, I can suggest to transfer the file manually through USB-drive as it would be the safest way, as there might be some problem with sending files directly through MyDevices.

Best Regards

I noticed the same issue. I tried to do it manually, timing it based on the figures provided by Z-Suite, but realized those were incorrect. It printed faster than estimated, so I missed the spot. Now in order to accurately switch colors during a print I need to physically be by the printer and look for the right place in the print. Frustrating and a waste of time.
@Pawel_Zortrax When can we expect the next Z-Suite release?

Hello GPdesign,

Could you send me your zcodex file?

The pause should be working correctly if you exported the file manually to your computer and then put it on your usb-drive.

Best Regards