PC-ABS only Ivory???


I was looking for a material better when z-ultrat for my underwater lens holder production. My customer needs a black item and I don't want to paint the parts. Why the Z-PCABS is only in ivory color? Now I'm trying a black PCABS Kleverfil filament with good quality, but I'd prefer to print the Z-PCABS in black color.


Have you alreadu tried z-esd? I really like printing it. Very hard and i feel that it is better as ultra. Also almost no warp, so im a fan of the material

I too would like to see PC-ABS in Black. I need parts to be black as the equipment the parts are testing in are for optics so black is required. I am going to try some external black PC-ABS, but would like it to be geniuneZ-PCABS