PC-max Polymaker with the M200

Tests of printed parts in PC.


I tried the Polymaker PC-max.

After some adjustments with external materials profile pc-abs,

I got very good results with this filament.

good points :

- the parts are very rigid.

- the parts seem unbreakable : naturally, it is not metal ! :wink:

- no deformation.

- good respect of the dimensions.

- withstands high T °

- the raft is removed very well from the perforated plate and very well from the object.

negative points :

- he is too bright. In black, the pieces are a little less beautiful than those printed in ABS.

For me, to use only for “technical” objects that must be stronger than PLA and ABS, more rigid than ABS, and without the deformations of ABS.

Z-ABS and Z-PCABS give more beautiful matte or semi-matt surfaces.


If Zortrax could offer us a beautiful PC with other colors ... :rolleyes: :D

Printer: Zortrax M200

Material: PCABS-based filament

Layer: 0.19 mm

Fan speed: 0%

Print speed: + 0%

Extrude flow ratio: + 0%

Extrusion temp .: 260

Platform temp .: 80

Retraction speed: 30

Retraction distance: 0.5

First layer gap: 0.3 mm

Sorry, impossible to upload pictures !

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Hi axel !!!

Thanks for the recension. I'll try to print Polymaker PC too, and I've try with your same setting, but the extrudion temp is 270 and bed 88, the retraction is 30/0.8

I like this filament, but the surface over the support is too rought. Now I want try the trasparent PC, hope doing well.

How you resolve the warping problem??? :(  I have a big part to print, but every time I try, it's start warping. The bed is calibrated very well and I have a box enclosure.

Thanks for your reply


I no longer use PC-MAX : I prefer Polymaker's COPA Polymer : it is less subject to warping, very rigid (as rigid as PC-MAX) and better heat resistant.

Thanks for the reply, I'll try this filament. The warping made me mad  :D

I was using CoPA as well after some failures with PC-max. I found the bed temp had to be high even with the lid on it so the ambient temp inside the printer was high, then I had no cracking issues. It had an amazing gloss look to it when I did get it right though. CoPA printed awesome with standard z-abs settings, after printing with maybe 6 rolls of it I couldn’t get it to print so it wasn’t stringy. I know it doesn’t like humidity, we have plenty of it in Florida.