PCABS Printing

Hello all 

so we have difrent prints white the PCABS bad nating is good we have scratch or brocken part s after print 

we have change many things and we have no idee :-(

is some peopel white experiments and print s white the new PCABS ??

we have picture from 2 parts 

first a conector nod work 

second is a whater test Turbine bad this noch work and Problem is after print +/-10m 

we have a M200 V4 white new Hotend V2 and all Option and we have a Temp Controll Print Room 22°C 

any Idee ?

Z-PCABS has enormous shrinkage, I would try lowering infill, there is nothing wrong with your printer its just material itself. Is the last photo yours? Have you got Side Covers installed?

I use PC-ABS to print these parts : layers of 0.14; infill SOLID ouFULL; normal speed; AUTOFAN

There is no deformation. Very nice and very smooth material that looks very resistant.

Very happy with this filament !

I heats a T ° +/- 35 ° to 40 ° in the Zortrax with an electric heater and a thermostat

You really don't need hard infill with PCABS, how Marcin said, it has huge shrinkage.

Usually with other printers we print solids until ≈300x300x300 (mm) and we don’t use more the 20% of infill.

Yes, I know there are many shrinkage with the pc abs, but I need to have very rigid and very  resistant parts.

And there is no problem to print with solid infill for this object