Pen-Eating Shark

Got this here:

The shark is pretty low-poly and the two pieces have no registration features so assembly is a pain, but I liked the concept. I did the shark at 0.14mm layer height in third-party ABS and the water at 0.19mm in Z-ABS. Acetone vapor smoothing on both.

Love it! Vapour smoothing water looks awesome.

Just need some black eyes!

Oh didn’t realize that is by xyzfactory! An Aussie creation. I’ll send him a link to your print.

The photos don’t really do the finish on the shark justice - it is absolutely mirror-smooth and glossy, not a layer line visible. And yeah, the water came out cool too.

Wow That is fantastic Julia. That’s the best print we have seen of our model. Thanks for sharing! Thanks Jamie for letting me know.

I like that it’s low polygon.