Pencil Sharpener Clamp Stand

When my job moved to a new building there was no good place to mount the old-school pencil sharpener to. So I decided to print a base that could clamp to a table and this is what I came up with. It fits pretty snug without the screw but I decided to add it for good measure.

Funny cartoon design!

Funny cartoon design!

Hey, don't talk about my design that way!  It's a functional design.   :P

I think it's kinda funny you have an old school pencil sharpener... :D

Well that one belongs to someone at work but I do have one at home too. :slight_smile:

that is very cool good thinking I like it and I have a old school pencil sharpener myself I bet you was the hero of the office

OK John.. I have to admit it.. I have one too.. :P  5hJmA8.jpg

Nice! Mine at home is mounted inside a broom closet door. It was like that when I bought the house though.