Perf Plate V2 - Contact Error

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has run into this before. I went thru and swapped out my old V1 Perf Plate with a new V2 Perf Plate. But now I’m getting a contact error screen on the printer and it won’t start. I’ve contacted the reseller of the part and put a form into support to see if hopefully someone can help figure out a solution. In the meantime I’ll try a post here and see what I get. Thanks!

Most likely one of the screws holding the perf plate down to the mount is shorting out try removing all screws and putting in two at a time the test when you find out which screw hole is shorting out you could repaint the hole to insulate it from the screw.

Thanks Drew for the advise! That crossed my mind so I just connected the plate without screwing it down and still gives me the connection error. Might just be a shot Perf plate. Hopefully either the reseller or support can help me out. Turns out I need to move to V2 plate cause I’ve noticed already that my V1 is warping. Thanks again!

I had the same problem. Support sent me a new heating plate, all was then OK. For some reason, the new V2 board didn't work with the original heating plate. I don't know if there is a V1 & V2 heating plate. I have tested two different V2 perf. board to the original heating plate, they don't work, only with the new heating plate. V1 board works only with the original plate.

#Edit: I think V1 perf. boards work with both plates, can't remember. But as I said, V2 boards don't work with the plate that came with the V1 perf. board.#

I can see this being a thing, no matter what I've tried it just won't work! Although the V1 plate works perfectly without any issue no matter how many times I take it off or move it. I've even wondered if the cables don't work with V2 board or the contacts don't insert properly, just not really sure what is going on with this thing. Hopefully either support or the re-seller come thru, cause if not I purchased this for nothing. It is the weekend so this coming week I'll see what happens. I'm all out of ideas and even if it worked, honestly I don't trust it now.

There's a lot of V2 defective plates, we have printers from v1 to v4 and all fitted with V2 plates. Personally changed recently v1 plates from V3 printers to V2 plates and they all work.

A n example:

A brand new printer just installed to a customer V4 printer, after first print and turning it off to clean perf board, then turn it on boom the same error you report. We changed the plate for a new one and it worked but the original plate never worked again, we opened a ticket as resellers and they send us a new perfboard. some v2 perfboards are defective

I’m thinking that the plate is just plain defective. I’ve talked to the reseller and tried his suggestions and the ones from here with no luck.

Finally got a replacement board from the reseller. Just seems the previous one was defective and it couldn’t be made to work.