personal project


This is a work in progress of my super fun project! I'm still learning how to model on my own with a ton of help from my fiance [RichD]... some of you might have seen his work here already. ;)


His name is Kai, the main character. Sculpted on 3D-Coat and going to keep practicing to make it look more like my painting (Photoshop).


[EDIT] For size comparison image please click here.

Thanks for viewing!

turned out great!!!!!


@jlou, @RichD - guys you're awesome :)

Thank you Andreas and Rafal!

It's been a while! :) Recently got back on this project. Made some adjustments with the previous design. I really like how it's turning out so far.

Forgot to update this from last year ^^;

I gave them as gifts to fellow art friends.  :D

Also included a test packaging using a custom padding I made, and recycled boxes I got from amazon.

The pad can be bent around the toy without using tape, to keep from moving in the box. 

My packaging/assembly video: