PETG leaving gaps in print

Hey there,

I started up my M200 today in order to print some face shields for doctors and am getting some poor print results with PETG. For some reason I’m getting places where I’m just missing print material. It’s like it’s not extruding properly. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. ABS prints the same file fine but I need PETG.

Thanks and stay well,

Hello Ryan,

Is it Z-PETG or some external one? Have you tried using some other settings, such as changing the layer thickness? Can you pass us the .zcode file? Have you changed the nozzle/hotend recently? I realize you do not experience problems with other materials, but PETG is a dense, heat sensitive material, which tends to clog these components faster.

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Hey Karolina,

I’m using Z-PETG. I have another nozzle ordered and already on its way. I have not changed the entire hotend…maybe its time.

top alignment cap 1_5.STL (644.7 KB)
Face Shield Frame_Letter 6 Hole.stl (229.6 KB)

Here are the two files. I don’t think there are any issues with them but just in case.

Thanks for your help and stay well.

I replaced the hotend and nozzle and prints were much better. Thank you.

Hello Ryan,

I am sorry for the lack of update. I checked your files on our side and they look fine, thus we excluded a software-related issue. I am really glad that the results are much better now with a new hotend and nozzle. In general, Z-PETG is a dense, heat sensitive material, so it tends to clog the nozzle/hotend faster.

Thank you, stay safe.