Pillowing(holes) on flat surface


I’m using Zortrax M200 with Z-PETG and have the following problems:

  1. Holes on flat surfaces (Pic 1).
  2. Some areas of the raft not sticking to the PCB base. This causes it to curl and mess up a certain area. Pic 2 shows the bottom side of the print with raft curled up and messed up. Note that issue 1 happens on horizontal flat surfaces on tall prints too.
  3. Extruder keeps clicking(skipping) when printing the raft

I’m using standard Z-PETG settings with 0.19mm layer height


Two other pics of the raft with holes:
Lower layer of raft

After the next layer of raft



Could you provide .stl and .zcode file? Also, does the same issue occur with other materials and models?

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As long as there is a flat horizontal surface, its likely to have the pillowing. Attached a .zcode file Test.zcodex (238.6 KB)



With the skipping I get that to when my PETG is wet. I’ve had brand new rolls do that. Nozzle somehow jams and skips, when I pull the filament out of the hot end it looks wavey. Once I’ve dried the filament out it seems to print fine.

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The filament doesn’t make any popping sounds(from water evaporating?) that is characteristic of wet spools.


Mine doesn’t make popping sound either. How long has your spool been open for? I’ve had spools last like max 4-5days before I need to bake them if I want to print again.

you may also have a clogged nozzle and need to run some ultrat or nylon through it to unclog it.