PLA Printing Troubles


Hello, I am trying to figure out the M200 that I inherited at my school.
I’ve had some success printing ABS but I wanted to try printing PLA, so I purchased some external PLA and I’m having some issues.

First set of questions. Can my M200 print PLA? What can it print and what will it not print? Can I use external materials or do I have to purchase Zortrax.

Second. It wont really load. I can get it to load once and when it extrudes, it creates much small diameter strings than the ABS. If I try to print or push load again, the drive wheel just skips. Can this be fixed?

I’m mostly new at this so any help is much appreciated!




First of all, please take a look on the tips for printing with Z-PLA Pro. We strongly recommend having a separate hotend v2 for Z-PLA Pro only.

Second of all, when it comes to external PLA - a spare hotend is recommended as well. Also, you might need to tweak settings in the PLA-based material profile (such as extrusion temperature etc.). If the drive wheel just skips - this could indicate the material gets too soft near the motor.

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