PLA pro extrusion issue?

I recently plugged PLA pro Gypsum white in to my m200(latest firmware).
I had some extrusion problem with default setting of the Z-suite(latest) so I just bought new nozzle assuming that it’s likely a clogged nozzle from other material.
Well, It still has the same extrusion issue with new nozzle!
I found that the problem persist until I crank up the nozzle temp to 220 manually.

My guess is that the default setting is somewhere around 210 and with that temperature, the PLA is simply too thick to flow. So the extruder ticks around whenever there’s a big extrusion such as raft and infill.
Loading filament works fine because the nozzle goes way beyond the 220.

To compensate the hotter PLA, I installed 120mm computer fan above the printer to ventilate ambient air and now I’m waiting for the result. (PLA gets saggy very quickly as it doesn’t cool down fast enough)

What I wonder is if there’s anybody who found perfect setting for this material. It’s so finicky that I feel like making ABS warping free is easier.