Plate adhesion problems after 2.1.0


I want to thank you for your products and software.
Z-suite with hollow and drain holes …. :slight_smile:

After installing 2.1.0 plate adhesion is random. I manage to print 1/3 projects only with 150sec for first layer, in the past working only with the implied value . I use the same zortrax resin and stock fep. I replace the LCD after 400 printing hours so I have some experience with this printer.

I’ve been using for some time M200 and M200+ (I miss the loudspeaker every day on +model)

Thanks in advance Marcin


Hi Mark!

Do you mean that the first layer does not adhere to the platform?
Or the models are not held properly by the support and fall off?
Have you calibrated the platform before printing? The levelling process has been changed. Now it requires to push the platform manually during the calibration, so maybe that’s the case.

Please send me the zcodex for the evaluation.

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Hi Marcin
The first layer does not adhere to the platform. Z-stop and Z rail looks good. Before each print I calibrate de platform and check underneath the FEP for leaks and platform for solid debris.
I understood why the calibration procedure was changed and I push firmly to Z stage.
I greatly increased the time for the first layer (150 instead of 60) and more attention to the Z calibration settings and yet I have a failure rate 2 of 3 for the same STL. I tried different projects with the same failure rate.
When he works ok the model is held properly to the platform, the support and model looks great.



Hi Marcin,
I have the same problem and also the printer screen goes blank.




During platform calibration must be pressed more than normal near the screwed shaft and you will see it goes down a little.
LCD it works otherwise you didn’t have strengthened resin on fep.



Hello Jesus,

As MarkQq suggested - perform autocalibration once again, but pay special attention to this step before tightening the screw. Also, make sure the firmware is up-to-date.

As for the blank screen - when exactly did it happen? Do you have some pictures/videos?

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Hi Karolina,
The printer has problems.
I have the ultimate firmware of the inkspire.
Please watch the video.

NEW-ICA-ext v3_resina ivory.zprojx (833.0 KB)


Hello Jesus,

I sent you a PM.

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Hello Karolina,
I sent you a PM.

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