Plate maintenance

I have a problem with the plate continually bashing into the bottom of the tank even after it has been properly calibrated… it was suggested that I do maintenance on the platform and block as this often comes loose as well…
however I have tried to remove the initial four screws from the platform ( the first set of four you encounter) and of course they are impossible to get out and now the heads have all stripped!! so what do I do now I find this is always a problem with tiny zortrax installed allen heads
please help

also I am now getting error code end stop error although everything looks normal
what do I do??

@parakartracer I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox.

the issue i’m having with the stripped bolts on the plate/block union surely is part due to the fact that the tiny allen cs machine screws are part welded in there with cured resin… due to the fact that if you fill the tank to its max line (250ml) which I do regularly when the plate drops down into the tank resin submerges those bolt heads… surely a little more r and d in the design stage should have eradicated this potential problem ?
also as with all zortrax machines surely using larger and better quality allen machine screws would eliviate this problem… the heads are just too soft and too small make them bigger and stainless steel perhaps… then they wouldn’t strip!

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Thank you.
I will pass your suggestion to our specialists, so they look into that.