Platform movement problems

I have my new ZORTRAX only 4 days ago.

I have an incredible problem with the Z platform movement. It seems to move on the wrong side, and is impossible to print and to make platform leveling.

First day all was very good, once the platform was correctly leveled I printed the model samples without problems.

Once I tryed to print one of my own designs, with the Z suite no problems, but the printer platform began to move down instead of up, and now is impossible to make platform levelling because printer always makes movements down and it says the platform is low.......

I sent various mails to the service support, and they asked me for the small connector on the platform. I sent them a photo two days ago and no reply yet.

Please, someone knows what must I do. 

You have most likely damaged your small platform connector with the spatula. Take a magnifying glass and look at the 3 tiny pins of the connector on your perf board. You will find them being smushed together causing a short. Try to get them apart with a needle. The short causes the printer to think that the nozzle touches the platform …that’s why it moves down first.

Thanks for your reply Andre

I´m sure not to be in contact with the connector, and we inspectioned it and appears to be ok.

We tryed another thing, disconnecting the small connector and then the platform moves up.

It seems to be a short on the platform but we can´t see it.

You know how is the circuit on the platform to the three pins or any information about it to check where is the problem??


Not exactly sure how it’s wired internally. I assume that one wire is attached right to the 5 contact plates. The other 2 are probably just getting shorted to tell the printer that the platform is connected.

Could it be that you plugged it in upside down?

After a lot of tests we decide to disassembly the platform, loosen all screws and trying with the plates free, and the problem appeared!!!!!

There is a fail on manufacture of the upper plate, I don´t know really where, but there is a false contact between the upper plate and the heating plate that makes a short. 

It is located on the left side of the platform, so when we loosen screws the platform moves ok.

We put strips of paper between plates and tighten screws again, and printer run again.

I´ll try to inform the support service team about this problem and will ask them to supply us a new platform assembly, because this solution is not good, but we can print !!!

Thanks a lot for your help.

You mean it “disappeared” :wink:

Good to hear that it’s working now!

does any one have a pic of the soldering job on the small 3 pin connector? 

So my screws for the V2 board to hold it down are grounding out the circuit and the platform goes down. They way they made the V2 they didn't think it threw at all.

Before heating the iron you should measure what's up with the connector.

If I recall that right the two soldier pads on the left (looking from the front) are connected together, the right one should have no connection with the others.

If all three are connected you have a shortage and you should measure once with connected cable and do another measure with detached cable.

If the shortage goes away after detaching the cable, the cable or the electronics behind is the problem. If the shortage is still there, check the connectors pins and the soldering pads for shortage (my soldering pads were shorted by some metal with the size of a human hair).

If you find the cable or below being the problem, there's a description how to replace the cable.

You could use it to measure the cable again after disconnection it from the controller.