Platform won't heat

Just got my Zortrax and I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up and get a good print right away. There seems to be an issue with my platform heating on a second print. The progress bar just goes up and down 1%-2%. Only if I restart the machine will it begin to heat. Anyone else having this problem?

Firmware bug. You have to restart your machine after each print as you found out. New firmware should be released soon.

Ah ok. That's better than a hardware issue. Thanks! I really love this thing so far. 

They put that in so the heater would shut off after a print was done. A lot of us were printing overnight. No point in keeping the heater on when done. That was as far as they went with it though.. Works just like the rest of ours..  Happy printing!!

I´m having the same problem, but sometimes a restart doesn´t help. I have to restart the printer several times.

Just now, after the restart the temperature even went down instead of up...

After the 4th restart it heats up all the way.

Peter do you have firmware 0.0.4 ?