Please help me get Firmware 0.0.7

Thank you in advance for reading this.

I bought my Zortrax M200 a few months back, updated the firmware to 0.0.7, downloaded Z-Suite 1.1.0 and have had truly superb prints.

Then a couple of days ago I upgraded Z-Suite to 1.4.1 and the firmware to 1.0.0.  The new firmware interface is fantastic but I noticed quickly that my prints were noticeably worse, with models showing overhangs and stringing.  I suspect the ‘improved extruder acceleration’ tweak in 0.0.8 is the cause of my problems.

I’ve compared the same model before and after the firmware upgrade and the difference is stark and I would love it if someone could please, please either show me where to download firmware 0.0.7 or if someone still has a copy and would be so kind as to send me a copy I would be very, very grateful.

I no longer have the model pieces to show before and after (I used them to test out vapour baths), so I can’t show you the difference (sorry, I couldn’t find this forum so figured I was on my own).  But the model I’ve been test printing is this one:

The models were printed in both black and white to test, always at 0.19mm, Z-ABS, solid infill using standard settings.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and can help me :)

Here you go:

You sir are a true gent!  Thanks :D

It would be nice if there was a place to download the old versions of firmware and Z-Suite for testing. Any place I can get the Z-Suite 1.1.0?

Here you go:

Oh wow! That is an amazing archive! Thank you!!