please help! menu dial is not working

just got my printer yesterday and I followed all the instruction, but when I turned it on to load the filament, the menu dial doesn't do anything. its stuck in memory card connected. I updated the firmware and everything. this is pretty disappointing.... please dont tell me I have to pack this up and send it back!!!! this is the second time I tried ordering Zortrax and the first time I cancelled my order, was from all the bad feedback from people on the forums, but now I'm starting to wish I just invested on something else...

please help if you experienced this and how I can fix this problem!

Please download and place this Update.bin on the SD Card.

As I understand problem is not with menu dial, but with firmware update.

Best Regards


hey Martin you are an awesome person!!!! thank you!!!!

Good to hear that everything is ok now :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for this seems you got to fast your printer, some updates was done on the main PCB and then it require newest firmware which we still didn’t uploaded on the main website.

Best Regards

This update file just got me up and running. Additionally I reformated the ZORTRAX card using the "Format  SD card to FAT32 file system and 32 KB block size. It should not be bigger than 4 GB also." as descriped by YosimiteSam in this thread.

I was feeling nervous about having a dead box so soon. I am glad that things seem to be working. Once mI got this firmware uploaded I was able to update to the most recent firmware without any formatting necessary.

This file might need to have some more visibility for many who run into this issue.