Plexi-Glass Walls

I know that an official solution for this is in the works and should be available soon, but in the meantime I knocked up a set of my own. I just need to work on a novel latching solution. The white tape just doesn’t cut it :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the Official Zortrax solution soon.


Wow, tape aside, those look great. I wish there’d be a way to cap the top…I feel like so much heat will escape.

Thanks Lon.(Jigsaw, files and a butane torch ;))

I have an idea for some quarter turn type latches that i want to build in SW when i get a spare moment.

I agree about the top, been thinking about some kind of vacuum formed cap that encapsulates the cable and tube too.

I like BlueVoid’s IKEA solution, very clean. I may build one of those too, but i was trying to keep the footprint as small as possible on my first attempt.

That looks GREAT!!! I have something similar in the works, but I’m getting them laser cut. Less work on my part. :wink:

My thoughts were to use Velcro.

This is just asking for printed hinges and magnetic latches. The hinge and latch printed with lugs so they can be hot riveted to holes drilled in the plexiglass. Two part hinge with metal pin so the plexiglass can be opened and then lifted off if need be.

LOL, someone already did most of what I had in mind.