Manufacture of a polyhedron composed of 180 triangular perforated faces.

All the parts were printed on the Zortrax M200 and on the Witbox (equipped with a heating plate) with ASA filament to be installed soon outside.

For those who like numbers :

- Diameter: 90cm

- 180 triangles

- 92 summits

- 540 screws!

- + / - 4.1 kg of ASA

- printing time:> 500H



another picture

the family is growing !

after the second :



third polyhedron with 320 triangular perforated faces :



Hi Axel,

What are you using to screw the bolts in, thermal inserts, embedded nuts, … ?


Triangles and connectors are in ASA (for outdoor application). There are 3.9mm holes in the connectors to hold the screws that are stainless steel M4 / 8 : it's enough for these decorative objects that have no other functions.

The screws themselves thread into the plastic. It does not take force to screw them and not exaggerate the tightening !

There are also small tenons to guide and position the triangles on the different faces of the connectors (connectors with 5 or 6 faces depending on the case).

The faces of the connectors perfectly orient the triangles in the right direction.

To get an idea, the red connector is 30mm in diameter.