Possibility for Change Platform Temperature


Hello Zortrax team,

It would be nice if the platform temperature field were also available in the printer settings for the Zortrax materials. I print a lot on glass and use the 3DLAC spray to avoid warping. For this to work well, the platform should be heated to at least 60 degrees. I now always have to switch to external material so that I can change the temperature of the platform. With PLA, the standard temperature is set to 30 degrees which is too low. I only use Zortrax materials and that’s always a bit of a nuisance.

Maybe I can persuade a programmer to grant me this wish. It wouldn’t be a lot of work.

Best regards
Johannes Valentini


I would also like to have this possibility. Z-PETG on glass platform also needs higher temp to stick.


Hi @mkotl,

you can easily change the extrusion and platform temperature when you choose external materials -> PETG-based filament. The external profiles are based on default Zortrax profiles, so you can easily adjust specific parameters.

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I do it exactly this way. I supposed that this external profiles are same as Zortrax but editable. Thank you for the information.