Possible power supply issue - Please advise

I’ve been using my M200 for about a year and a half with no problem and today during a print it shut down mid-print. I checked my endstop and everything else and everything was working properly. I’m certain at this point that it is the power supply or even the cable.

When I hold the cable in a certain position it turns on but still turns off after a while. I assume maybe a fuse is blown as I do hear some electrical discharge when I tried turning it on. Also, the female end of the power supply gets unusually hot so I’m thinking it could be melted ports that are causing it to overheat?

If this is the case. how can I go about safely troubleshooting/ fixing the issue? I am an electrical engineer and have the tools to do it myself however I do not want to go into it without support from an admin on this forum as I don’t want to cause any permanent damage.

Any help would be appreciated.


No, the fuse seems fine. Carefully, double-check the power switch and PSU connections. Unfortunately, we do not have any troubleshooting manuals (apart from replacement ones) which would help you fix the issue. Thus, please fill in the support form so we can look further into the matter and help you determine which component needs replacement.

Best regards,

Thank you, I have filled out a support form. I checked the switch and PSU connections and found nothing out of the ordinary. Out of curiosity, how much would a power cable replacement be?