Post-processing tools info

Hello guys, I've been reading articles about Post-processing and I wonde about where to find tools and products used for it like:

- petroleum ether (for surfaces cleaning)

- spackling paste for plastics (To fill the gaps in your print)

- cyanoacrylic glue for plastics

Any recommendation about comercial brands or shops please?

Many thanks!

Found this. But have yet to try it. Looks like it would work nicely for filler.

Petroleum ether is kinda extreme. I use acetone and alcohol for cleaning and making smooth surface. D-limeone as well. 

And any superglue will work. I use regular super glue and gorilla super glue.

All can be found on Amazon. 

Brand names don't really matter much.

---I just used MEK for a ZHIPS print to weld together and it worked great. A bit smelly but I couldn't fine D-limonene at my Ace. Then I used ZABS slurry and filled he seams and sanded until it was smooth.