POWER DOWN inapprehensible


This morning The printer was printing when everything turned off and the work plate went down.
After multiple attempts, removing and powering the printer did not start and no LED was lit on the main board.
I checked by opening the panel below and the 24V power supply worked. The tension came to the main board but nothing came on, after 10 minutes it came back on its own.
Can anyone help me understand the problem? I use the printer for work and I can’t afford these jokes.



When the plate went down - did the led strip inside the printer show any colour, did you hear the fans working, or there was no reaction at all? Please, double-check all the connections underneatht the bottom plate (motherboard, Android PCB, LCD transfer board - the screw securing this element should be tight). If the problem occurs again - please, record a video showing how the printer behaves then and send it to us via support form.

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No the printer turns off completely, LED, display, fans, all as if there was no power. In reality the power supply is present and the internal 24V power supply also works and has a green LED.


karolina i have found the problem. Connector power supply probably sottodimension… I am a technician and I have solved but I think you are interested, I attach the photos


The connector looks melted around pins and plug? If melted, I’d check for a short.


That’s right, it melted from bad pin contact, I fixed it by replacing it with a more secure screw connector.


Hi, thank you for the update. I am glad you resolved the problem. Also, I see my colleague replied to your support form.


Yes, a colleague of mine has already replied, too bad that the warranty on the motherboard has expired. Unfortunately, in times like these, having a stationary printer can mean a lot. I couldn’t have waited days or weeks for a warranty repair. I am sorry that zortrax did not understand my need by canceling the guarantee.


Hi, I do understand your point. Sadly, we do need to act in accordance with Zortrax warranty terms. You will find them on our support center. Unauthorized repairs/modifications of the device should not be performed.