Premature end of print

I am running the official version of 0.03 firmware and about one third of the way through a print, the printing suddenly stopped, the platform lowered to the bottom and the display just went to the main menu.


That’s exactly what happens on mine… But with the old firmware as well.

It may be possible that this is not firmware related…

See here

Just happened for a second time. Print ended, platform lowered extruder stayed in center and display went back to main menu. This never happened before I loaded the official 0.0.3 firmware, but I dont know whether it is firmware related.

Guys, any suggestions?

Try removing the LCD as some others have done.

Yes, I have now done that and it seems to fix the problem, so I have requested a new display.



You can first try to print plastic cover:

I have similar problem, but for me allways printing was end on raft. I’m not checked it is firmware related (LCD panel was unscrewed from 6.6.6 firmware), but yesterday i made this cover and so far few small prints was ended without problem. Later i will check this on bigger print.

@Viper, This is a replacement or and addition part?

This is unofficial replacement. For those who have “LCD problem”.

But I just found that I made small mistake. I didn’t saw this cable in corner :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to unscrew and play little with a file :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe later i provide corrected stl.

What was the problem with the box ?

Seems to be that is no aperture for that small black cable on the left side (looking from inside).

Easily adjustable with a file or Dremel. (or editing the stl file).

With original one? Don’t know. Probably it generate sometime some electrical charge that was inducting somewhere on PCB and this causes that MCU get wrong data.

For now I testing plastic case. If i will have still problem then don’t know… maybe next stop will be plastic screws :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok rev. 2 of LCD back case:


Looks good. If my new display don’t do the trick i will print this. :slight_smile:

Piotr, your design is much better than original :slight_smile: Look’s awesome!

Best Regards,



For now works good. Tommorow I will check on bigger print.

My replacement box didn’t work :frowning: On bigger print it crashed again :frowning: Next stop… i try plastic screws :stuck_out_tongue:

You think it is still an electrical issue ?

Yes. Because if the LCD lays on the nonconductive material then printer work without problem. Thus, the cause may be:

  1. electrical charge was generated by printer housing (as the back cover have eliminated then there is only one more thing to eliminate) and then carried by the bolts (or frame of the display …) to the PCB of LCD panel, which causes malfunction of the program.

  2. problem of stress created by screws associated with a broken solder joints.

First one i can try to eliminate, but second i don’t want even to try when printer is on guarantee.

Piotr, we will send to you new LCD in next week :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Thank you Rafał.

Still bothers me what is the cause of the error associated with the LCD.