Print display temperature

It would be very good to display current temperature of hotend/bed in the screen during printing. or even have an option to select an info screen display when a print is in progress, so that you can manually request current temp info during the print itself.

Also, if there was then a way to override the temperature setting during a print.

I would also be interested in having a user settable value for temperature to reach when loading and unloading filament, as the stock temp may be too much/too little for some filaments.

Hey there! Which printer do you have in mind?

Hi, i would be looking for M200, but feel it would be beneficial on all printers

Thank you for clarification. I’m not sure whether it is possible to implement such features in M200 or M300. M Plus series are much more likely to get such options due to their construction (different motherboard, touchscreen and Android OS). Nevertheless, I will pass your suggestions to our specialists :slight_smile:

It would be handy to have as just text displayed on the screen, the user doesnt have to interface with it, ie use a touch screen etc, but it would be handy to know the temp of hotend and bed as a running displayed value.