Print do not stick to platform


I printet several models (using Basic-white) with no problems, then the prints just stopped connecting to the platform. Now I have:

  • Changed the tray film
  • Cleaned the platform ( in ultrasonic cleaner)
  • Leveled the platform
    I have also tried different settings. Same result every time.
    (I print setups with more then one model one model have printed twice)
    What can be the reason, and what can I do?



Do you have the latest firmware version (2.1.2) installed? What is the ambient temperature in the room? It should be at least 25 Celsius degrees.

Also, run autocalibration again. However, remember to press the platform a little bit harder - this is crucial. Pleas refer to the video. After doing so - run a test print.

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Yes I use the latest firm- and software, and the lab where the printer stand is at a stable 26 degrees.

The solution was to press harder, but not just a “little bit harder”. From comments connected to the printer I could not before understand how so many had cracked the screen. Now I understand that it very well.

Zortrax need to find a much better way to do this. It will be a significant point against order more Inkspire printers


Could you show your model or upload the file ?


Hi, please note that the new platform calibration procedure has been introduced - it improves the whole process. The printer no longer checks the offset at the end of the calibration which helps to expand the lifespan of the LCD Screen. Thus, a cracked screen might indicate that the calibration was not done properly.


The procedure in use now might be better then what was used before, I never done what was used before. My point is that what is used now is neither a good way to do it.
Since you must know the optimum distance from screen to printbed. Why not just::

  • Supply a sheet that is that thickness.
  • Remove the tray and place the sheet on the screen.
  • Then lower the bed down til it touches the sheet.
  • Calibration done.
    A version of the up/down tools with very fine steps could be used to get it just right.


The problem was that a lot more force, then I thought, was needed to get the printbed in the correct position.



Thank you for your suggestions. I can see your point now. We will surely pass it to our specialists.

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Well, I have now exactly the same problem, printouts just stopped sticking to the bed. I have two big squares on the film instead objects printed on the bed. I guess print fails at the first bottom layers. I did a calibration with 2.2.3 firmware. Today 2.3.0 firmware showed up. I will calibrate with 2.3.0 standard procedure and retry. Hope not to crack the screen :wink:

Another problem is that I need to wait around 5 hours to verify if the calibration was done properly. Maybe there could be a faster way to verify the calibration? :slight_smile:

Update 1: I noticed that the bed in fact can / should be pressed down at two marked points gently down until it sticks to the film. Instructions says to keep those two points but I think they should be pressed. Will see the results in around 5 hours :slight_smile:

Update 2: Some parts now stick to the platform but some does not. It seems that print fails now at some later upper layers because I can see smaller sticked objects on the film that resemble individual printouts in shape. There are imprints left on the film even under those elements that were printed. I guess I have to push the platform even harder down to the film. Will try and report back. Firmware does not seem to affect this process (2.2.3 vs 2.3.0). Maybe this is caused by some table plate adhesion degradation over time? I did not have this problem before and I did calibration several times.


Hi @cederom,

Let me, please, sum everything up. You have not experienced problems with adhesion until now, right?

As for the calibration process - exactly, you need to press the platform against the LCD screen just as shown in the video. Moreover, you can always pause the print - the platform moves up then so you can see if the model is being printed properly. Apart from the calibration - ensure a higher ambient temperature and you may even gently rub the platform with fine grade sandpaper. Platform block maintenance may also be required.

If prints still do not adhere to the platform - please, take some pictures of prints/squares you are getting and contact us via support form - we will provide further help.

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