print failing after Raft is complete


I'm recently facing trouble when printing with Polymax PLA filament. The extruder sprocket keeps skipping and the nozzle doesn't deposit material, I cleaned the nozzle and this problem was solved but then the sprocket starts to skip after the raft is printed and moves on to printing the part itself.

Kindly help if you have any idea or if you have any suggestion.


Does the problem always occur after printing the raft?

Please push the material manually when you notice the problem of skipping sprocket. Maybe the issue is caused by misaligned extruder motor or the sprocket is worn out.

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks for your response

Now the problem seems to be gone. I tightened the bed platform bolts and cleaned the extruder sprocket although it's a little bit worn out. How can I get a replacement sprocket in case I want to replace it.

We do not sell sprockets separately - you need to order the extruder motor.

You can get it from us directly, through Support Form, or from a local reseller.