I recently had major problems with stringing on prints with all materials. Using defaults settings, cleaning the hotend and rebuilding did NOTHING to help.

I bought a new hotend and heater/thermocouple and assembled them in the following manner;

  1. First off I bought some high (350 degrees ~C) temperature thermal paste, and some aluminium powder (used in flash powder).

  2. I mixed the Al powder with some of the heat paste and applied this to the heater and thermocouple before inserting them into the hotend block.

  3. I applied some car exhaust sealant to the filament feed tube where it enters the hotend Al block (this stops oozing from this point when the head gets hot and expands).

  4. I put some heat paste on the throat of the hotend tube where the finned heatsink with the fan attaches (to help keep the heat break cooler).

  5. I reassembled the whole print-head and printed a test piece.

The result was NO STRINGING, the extruder heated up a LOT faster than before and the print quality is now as good as a moulded part (IMHO)!!

Layer adhesion is greatly increased and overall strength of the print seems around twice what it was before.

Hope this helps someone.

Zsuite STILL need a retraction setting that the user can define as some problems simply cannot be cured with this mod.


I was wondering about thermal paste.

Zsuite has retraction settings (how much to retract and speed of retract), switch to external materials (you can of course still use zortrax filament)


Thanks, I’ll try using the external material settings.