Print interruption - How to reset?


Just had a problem where some part of my body hit the power switch while printing after 3 hours… CRAAAAPP!!!

Well the question is now, how do i get the platform to lower so I can take the print off and reset?

Turn off your printer, lower the platform manually by turning the Z screw (use gloves)

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Okay thx :wink:

Are there no manual controls for axes movement?


Nope… Not as of yet. Now that the bed lowers after printing, I haven’t really seen a need for it. I was worried about that myself. I have a CNC mill that I can jog. No real need on this though.(unless you hit the power button during printing) I’ts easy to turn the ball screw to lower bed though.

Platform will be lowered as low as possible after the finish of the print in next Z-Firmware update which should be available within few days.

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