Print is not complete

I print very simple model from Z-ABS but print ends about 20%.

When I change layer thickenss from 0,29 mm to 0,19 mm in Z-Suite and print it again, then object is printed complete.

Print files are attached.

Please could you advice why 0,29 mm print is not completed

Thank you

My configuration:



hw version 04

bios version 0.0.5

Might be your SD card. I would try a different card.  I printed your .29 Zcode and it printed fine.


I got my printer on thursday and had two failed prints both had stopped at 88% , after swapping out the SD card with another (one from my video cam) it has been printing like a dream

Great to hear its working for you. I found bearings help out greatly for the filament spools. It helps the printer run smoother.


I changed the SD card and now print is working (original card with problem was from Zortrax).

Thank you 3DZPrinting!

I'll try bearing too

Format your SD card on FAT32

After original SD card full format (do not select quick format ) it is working now without any issues.