Print not sticking to support?

The up is down in the picture. The rough surface is where it suppose to touch the support.

As you can see, the nozzle seems to be dragging material back instead of leaving it on the support. This doesn’t happen when the angle get’s steeper or almost horizontal.

What’s the fix?


Could you pass .zcodex and .stl files of the model?

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Here’s the source file
Glass frame print pla.stl (674.4 KB)
Glass frame print pla2.zcode (8.8 MB)

I tried with ABS variation too, both have similar symptoms.


thank you for the files.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid overhangs while printing parts of a model that are printed at a given angle. Moreover, I see that you are using an external PLA and I am afraid that some printing parameters (such as a bit too high extrusion temperature) may increase visibility of overhangs. With Zortrax materials - this could be less visible. Also, if the hotend and/or heater are wearing-out - this also could affect this.

We have actually improved overhangs in Z-SUITE 3 BETA, but unfortunately, it is not dedicated for the M200.


Sadly, it is impossible to decrease the gap between the model in the Z plane (only in the XY one).

Still, you can try to post-process the model.

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I have the same issue, the material is Z-PETG and ABS and both are not sticking to support material which is z-support premium.