Print one at a time and programmed pause at layer index


The quality of a print is better when printing one by one. Could you add a “Print one at a time” like some others tools to improve productivity please ?

Could you also add a programmed pause at a layer index (useful to change material color at a level) ?

Thank you


Hello Fabien,

I am not sure if I correctly understand your request - you would like to have models printed one after another, right? Please note that it is impossible as you would need to remove the model from the platform in order to print a new one. Thus, you can simply use “print again” tool.

As for the pause - such an option is already available in the “preview” step.


Hello Karolina,
Thank you for your response.
Ok for pause, I was not aware.
For “print each piece one at a time” please look at this llink:
It’s very useful when you do production (avoid to go back to the machine for each piece)