Print only with build material?


Just wondering if its possible to print with only the build material, or if the support material has to be used? it would speed up eth build time on many prints that don’t require dissolvable supports. I was looking for a setting in Z-Suite but didn’t see anything.



Zortrax has left inventure in the corner and has not been taking care of it for a long time, it’s a pity because it’s a great printer, I know many people are not satisfied with this approach of the company to this printer, a few of them have switched to other companies. I am stupid and I keep 2 printers, I will sell them next month because it is a pity that they would be wasted


Hi, Ryan.

Such option is not available at the moment. We’re working on some new options for Zortrax Inventure, so stay tuned!

@Bafi We haven’t left it. We’re preparing some major improvements for this printer. Please, give us some time :slight_smile:


Hi Marta,

That’s great news. It’s a pretty nice printer already but a few improvements would make it awesome. Thanks for the feedback and I am looking forward to seeing whats next.


Oh and I see that that option already exists for the M300 dual printer. Hopping something similar will be working its way to the Inventure as well.

All the best!


Our specialists are working to introduce some new features for Zortrax Inventure. Stay tuned :slight_smile: