Print part measurements issue

Hı,I have a problem about measurement of printed parts.I need help for this issue.Measurement is so important for this part.When I was printing this part always measurement is different.

You can see below pictures.

Zortrax M300
Z suite 2.32.0


Could you provide .zcodex and .stl files of this model?

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Sorry for late answer.
Mastar final3-Body.zcode (2.0 MB)

I added.I’ll use for check measurament.But I couldn’t do correct diameter.I think this reason about the seam.Because My part surface was bad.
Mastar final3-Body.stl (1.6 MB)


I do apologize for a delay. Sadly, it seems to be a different model. However, as I already mentioned in your other post - the model may be overheated which causes problem with the model’s dimensional accuracy (material paths are melted).

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