Print problem like layer shifting

I got this problem while printing, and it looks like a layer shifting. But could anyone suggest a possible reason for this?
I have check the guide rails, they are parallel to x/y axis.
Thanks in advance!


Does this occur every print?

Which Firmware and Z-Suite version are you using?

Are the final prints unaffected?

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Thanks for the reply. The firmware is 2.6.6 and the Z-Suite is I stopped this print because there were already some unflatten parts on the prints. And I started a new printing and it needs 45 hours to be finished.

Then I had a more severe layer shifting problem this morning. It happened at the 4/5 process of the printing.
I had a little gap on x-axis and the guide rails before the printing and I eliminated it by adjusting the tension of the belts.
However, this morning after the failure print, I found the gap appeared again.

Here is the picture of the prints.

Hello bqi,

Sorry for late reply, with what filament are you using and when was the last time you changed the hotend module?

Did you try our low Feedrate mode? - If not, please do, you can find it under Settings → Working Options.

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Thanks for this late reply. The filament is PLA-Pro. The hotend module has never been changed. This machine just work for 500h although it was bought 2 years ago.

I have not tried on low feedrate mode. I will try it later. But it would be a great waste of material if it fails again.



You could try printing some other model with similiar height to test, also did you perform the Axes Check you can find under the Tools → Axes check?

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Yes, it passes the axis check.

Maybe I could provide you a little bit information about the layer shift. I continued a print which had been paused for more than 48 hours because of lack of material feed. The re-starting point was totally deviated from where it should be.



In such case it most probably happened because of the material shrinking.

If you left the model for that long, it cooled down and shrunk which led to the shift.

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It cannot be. The deviation is more than 1 cm.