Print quaity issue with PETG

Hi, I have just received my M300 Dual and the quality of the prints are not good at all. It came with PETG, so that\s all Ive tried. the resolution is just horrible. in the model and Support pages it looks fine, but once it slices, it just is super rough, even if using the finest .15 layer height. It only gives the option for HIGH quality print as well…so not sure what the issue is, other than the slicer itself. I have printed these on my cheepo Creality 10s Pro and the prints are 10x better. Any help is GREATY appreciated. I hope I\m just making a newby mistake in the slicing.

from the sliced pic , you can see that its actually slicing it with the rough top layers, it doesn’t even pick up the slash between the M and T that is present…not nice

For the banding, there are 3 things you can do.

  1. Reorient the part on the print bed.

Flat has banding due to Z resolution

On edge banding goes away, except for bottom and top side edges of coin

At angle minimizes overall banding, but more difficult to print (and may or may not need support)

  1. Redesign the model to remove low Z curvature

  2. Post process the part

The circular banding is normal btw for fdm prints when the curvature is low in Z. It is a result of the Z resolution being low (much lower than xy), pretty much all current fdm printers (including the higher Z resolution zortrax machines, but reduced). Exceptions being very high resolution fdm machines (which are also typically very slow), those supporting experimental simultaneous Z path planning (experimental and not common yet), and those with variable layer height control (becoming more common, but it doesn’t increase the ultimate resolution).

For the lettering missing, I can’t tell for sure because no model but I suspect some feature of the text maybe below the printable resolution (the text wall thickness must be at least the nozzle diameter (0.4mm), there’s a minimum wall separation [I don’t know what it is for m300 dual], and it needs to be at least 1 layer height tall.

Also it looks like the text top face is curved with the model, if you will still be printing model flat on table then make text top face flat as well; this will make the edge on the lettering one continuous path during print and will come out cleaner.