Print quality beta 3.0

M200Plus with beta 3.0 overshoots top layers and tight spaces. Back to the stable version it is.


Could you send me your model, zprojx, and zcodex files?

That would be much appreciated.

Best Regards

Give me an e-mail address, I’ll send You the files.


after inspecting the file, we found out it was printed with an external ABS filament with custom parameters. We printed the model with Z-ABS using default settings and the results are better. Still it showed us the possibility to improve the material extrusion.

Upon further investigation we also noticed that the model itself might not have been designed correctly - please refer to the planes we can see in the picture below - they might need to be modified to improve the printing results:

Due to the significant changes we have implemented in Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA slicing algorithms , we recommend to run another test print for external materials profiles.

Thank you for your feedback and cooperation - we already passed all information to our specialist. It will help us improve the software in future software releases where other layer thicknesses options and more functionalities will be added.

Best Regards

Looks like, you have to give a little extra extrusion, and reduce the flow a little…
What is you Infill Gap?