Print quality on very mild angle


I'm trying to print an almost flat sphere (see pictures) and I wonder is this the best I can get or I'm doing something wrong. The top is quite ok, layers are very visible but I guess it's hard to avoid It on shape like this. The biggest problem is the bottom side, I've tried different support and fan settings but It does not make any difference. Maybe You people can give me some advice?

Tkanks! ;)

The top looks normal. I don’t see any support marks on the bottom surface. You should try a high support angle that creates support over the whole width and set the fan to 100%. Shallow angles on the bottom are always difficult on a FDM printer

Also use .14 resolution..

Thanks, just as I thought - shallow angels :/

I've used 45 degrees angel and 100% fan. I'll try 90 degrees and 0.14 resolution. 

Definitely go with a finer resolution like kyle said

The problem is that the nozzle moves over further that the filament is wide.. This is when you run into issues.